Zombie Apocalypse in November?

By Sandy Lawrence on November 21, 2016 in Guest Post

Today’s post is by guest author, Dallas Louis.  Dallas blogs over at  www.DallasLouis.com.  You can learn more about Dallas at the end of her post.  So sit back and enjoy.


Zombie Apocalypse in November?

Screaming tires.  Honking horns.  Angry voices, tattered, and broken aisle displays as far as the eye can see.

Is this the End?

No.  This is the scene at your local grocery store the week before Thanksgiving.  Shelves that were once heavy laden with foods from every imaginable corner of the globe have been ransacked and left bare.  Shoppers run panic-stricken through the aisles in search of last-minute recipe additions to make their Turkey Day dinners the feast to end all feasts.

It is Thanksgiving!

The Holiday Season is upon us, yet the voices and faces of those fellow shoppers are anything but joy-filled and merry.  Why is this the scene that greets so many patrons during this week at grocers across the country?  Did we not know that Thanksgiving was coming?  Could we not have been a little better prepared?  Or is it the fact that so much of our dinner relies on the freshness of our ingredients, that we must make that last minute dash to the store in order to grab what is necessary to make the perfect meal?

Is this grocery-store-chaos the reason that so many of us have opted out of cooking all together, and eat out on Thanksgiving?  Might I offer a suggestion?  Food for thought, if you will…

Be More Forgiving

This Thanksgiving, let us all try to be a bit more forgiving of each other.  Let us all take a deep breath before we even pull into the grocery store parking lot.  We know this time of year all local grocers could easily install traffic lights inside their stores at the major intersections of the dairy and deli aisles.  But what would happen if we looked at our fellow shoppers with understanding and patience, instead of panic and disdain?

Be Thankful

Let us all be thankful for the shelves where our ingredients are easily accessible.  I don’t know about y’all, but I would be completely hosed if my family’s wellbeing depended upon my ability to forage.  I have my Thanksgiving meal grocery list almost completed.  I am mentally preparing myself for immensely long lines at the supermarket, but I will smile at the people who cut me off, and wave those ahead of me who seem to be in a bigger hurry than I am.


Here are a few final tips:

  • If your schedule is a bit more flexible, go to the store really, really early in the morning (say around 6:00 am) or very late at night (11:00 or so).  Avoid the weekends; that is when most people have the time to hit the stores.  And try to leave the negative attitude at home.
  • Avoid the weekends; that is when most people have the time to hit the stores.
  • Try to leave the negative attitude at home.

I wish you and your family the very happiest of Thanksgivings!  May your turkey be juicy and your sweet potatoes hold absolutely no nutritional value!  Gobble Gobble!

Guest Author

Dallas Louis

Dallas Louis  has enough hilarious stories to fill the entire state of Texas. She is the author of two books, Girlfriends, Giggles & God, is a 31-day humor-filled devotional, reflecting upon circumstances that arise in every woman’s household. Her second book, is The Mommy Diaries: How I’m Surviving Parenting without Killing Anyone.,.

Dallas now travels the country, speaking to women’s groups, encouraging them in their faith, strengthening their ministries, and “wife-ing.”

She lives in Houston with her husband and three children.

Follow her blog online at: www.DallasLouis.com.

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