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By Sandy Lawrence on February 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

Everyone wants to sell more books.  If you have a book, you want to make as many sales as possible.   Are you wondering how to sell more books?   Last week we talked about  connecting with other authors and speakers.   Another way you can sell more books is to promote other books.  Wondering how promoting another book would give you more sales?   Read on.

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Promoting other books helps your audience to look at you as an expert.  You have read all these books and picked the best to share with them.   The authors of the books feel honored you are promoting their book and often will return the favor.  If you are promoting and sending them to your site where you might offer a link to the book it gets more traffic for you.   Perhaps the author provides a book to give away.   Again that is more traffic.  When they are there, they might just buy  your book too.   There are more reasons, but these are the ones that come to mind.

Ways To Promote Other Books

So how do you promote other books?

On Facebook and Twitter – When I’ve read a great book in my circle of writers, I definitely let others know about it.  Hopefully they will remember when you write a book and do the same for you.

In Your Book – You could feature passages from other books that support your points – the beauty of this is that it often is a great cross marketing tool as well. If an author is featured in your books they will often either carry that book on their table when they speak, feature the book book on their website or newsletter, or brag about it to their readers on Facebook and Twitter – that’s free sales promo for you.  And if you have ever been featured in someone else’s book, you know how honored you feel.

In Your e-mail Newsletter – Again, this is a great way to get the featured author’s readers over to your newsletter. You could have a different featured author each month and ask them for four books – one to give away on your blog as a promo for the newsletter, and three to give away in the newsletter.   This creates a buzz for both you and the author you are featuring.   You can also encourage the featured author to promote that month’s newsletter on their email list, blog and in social media.

On Your Blog – Some people feature a fellow author and have them give away one of their books. (The author provides one of their own books.) This keeps your readers interested and wanting more. How does this help sell your own books? The author will promote their giveaway to their own Facebook and Twitter groups, as well as on their blog  – directing people to your blog who have never heard of you before.

This is another valuable use for Facebook and Twitter – promoting your giveaways on your blog. But make sure you use a great headline to capture people’s attention.  Even on Twitter and Facebook….the captions you use matter and headlines are important.

So there you have it.  Four ways you can promote other books that will help you to sell more of your own books.   None of these are difficult and can be done by anyone.   You just have to remember to do it and the big difference it can  make in the promotion of your books.

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