Sell More Books: Find Your Influencers

By Sandy Lawrence on March 14, 2016 in Books

Influencers are people who love your book and have connections, pull, and authority.   There are various influencers who are important to your book sales.   There is the influencer who is out talking to people, the one on social media that everyone looks up to, those who have written numerous books and if they recommend a book, everyone wants it.

Sell More Books

Consider Oprah…when she had her book club.  If your book was picked, it would instantly become a best seller.  She had influence.

How Do You Find An Influencer

I’m sure you can think of dozens of people in your niche who have influence.   You probably have friends who have influence.  The important thing is to find people with this influence who love your book and are willing to help promote it.

You might have an agent,  publisher, other authors, and other friends who have connections with people who have authority in your writing area and who might be willing to endorse your book.

Or maybe they can give you a quote to use on social media, or a testimonial of sorts.  Do they have a website, blog, or podcast they are willing to feature you on.  If they are a speaker perhaps they will sell your book on their speaking table.

What Do You Need From An Influencer

There are various things an influencer can do to help you.  The important thing is to connect with them and know what they are comfortable doing.

Here are a few ideas that an influencer could provide:

Quote – What you are looking for is a quote – to be used on your speaking material, on your blog, on your website, in social media and if it’s still early enough in the process – on the cover of your book.

Endorsements –  When you receive an endorsement from someone your potential reader loves and trusts, they are much more likely to buy your book.

Social Media – Perhaps they can promote you or your book or your course on social media.   They have lots of followers who will go take a look if promoted by someone they trust.

Speakers – Speakers can mention you and your book in their talks, they can sell your books on their book table.

Podcasts/Webinars – Podcasters can have you on their show as a guest.  Or if they host a webinar they can have you as a guest.   These give you exposure to a new audience.

Other Authors –  Authors often promote books for others.  It gives them more books to sell and they make a profit too.  Just make sure your book is not a direct competitor with the authors own books.

Launch Team – Have you ever considered hiring a launch manager to run a volunteer launch team?   This is a great way to get the word out about your book.  Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income did just that with his latest book, “Will It Fly.”  Lewis Howes did the same with his book, “School of Greatness.”   This puts someone in charge of finding the influencers for you and providing them the information they need to promote your book.  Takes pressure off of you, but adds additional support.   The launch team goes forward and promotes to all of their friends.  Imagine 500 people promoting to all of their friends.

It’s  worth the time and the energy and the advance planning to make those connections and find those influencers.  It could make the difference between a book no one has heard of or one that makes the best seller list for its niche.

Whether you have a book on the market now or are just thinking of writing one. Maybe you don’t have a book in mind but an online course or some other product. Start thinking of the influencers in your circle or how you can connect to influencers you know.

I Can Help

I know dozens of influencers.  I call on them for people who work with me.   If you need assistance marketing your book, don’t hesitate to contact me and let Perceptive Public Relations do some of the work for you.


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