Sell More Books: Connect with Other Authors and Speakers

By Sandy Lawrence on February 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

When you write a book, you hope everyone wants to buy it.   But they can’t buy if they don’t know about it.   One way to get the word out about your book is to connect with other authors and speakers.   If they talk about a topic that is remotely related to yours, they may be interested in promoting your book.

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How Do You Make The  Connection?

You can go about this several ways:

  1. Trade with other authors  (or offer your books at a discount)Whether it is for exposure on your blogs or carrying each other’s books on your book table, trading books with other authors is a great way to gain exposure for your work, and to promote an author you love at the same time.   You can also use the books as a giveaway at events, etc.
  1. You can sell your books at cost to other speakers or authors.No you are not making money on them, but you are getting promotion and the more people who know about you and purchase your book the better.

3. You can actually give your books away to an author or speaker.  Yes they get 100% of the profit to hand them out, use as gifts or sell, but it does get your name out there and more people will be reading your work.  You can bet if given the books at no cost they will speak highly of you.

It doesn’t have to be a lot of books, 10 or 20 can make a difference and get the word out to a different audience.

Let’s face it, someone else holding up your book and saying “I enjoyed this,” “I use this every day,” or “You need this book,” makes a difference.

We all want our books to be successful, so make it part of your plan to connect with authors and speakers and promote each other. This will help you sell more books.

Do You Need Help?

If you need help with marketing your book, please contact Sandy at Perceptive Public Relations.  I want to help you break through, get noticed, and be known.



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