PR is a Public Speaker’s Friend

By Sandy Lawrence on October 17, 2017 in Communication, PR

Publicity can come in different forms and from anywhere.   It can be as simple as having a letter published in the editorial column of your local paper, or as dynamic as being featured on a national TV news or talk show.

Publicity increases your exposure without the outrageous cost of advertising. It adds credibility to your message and develops name recognition in your field. Essentially, publicity makes you stand out, above all the other speakers, to the meeting planners and business leaders.

Public Speakers

As a public speaker, you need to realize that PR is your friend.   It gets your name out there to other people.   The more people know about you, the more they will think about you and your business when they need the product or service your offer.

Tips to Gain PR as a Speaker

Make your own news.

Connect what you do with popular days or events.  For example, if your keynote focuses on social media, you can reach a business audience for “Social Media Day.” Or if you help businesses build a blog, you can reach an at-home audience with an article on how to tackle the job of blog creation. Don’t be afraid to stretch the boundaries of your topic. And remember, create news that interests your audience, not that interests you.

Send Press Releases

Press releases are the easiest and quickest ways to advertise to a large audience, and they inform the media that you have something to offer.

Build Relationships

Establish working relationships with media professionals and develop a strong contact for increased publicity. Learn everything you can about the show or publication, and about their competition, so when you have news to share you can really make your contact shine.


Once you’ve established contact with media professionals, maintain the relationships and follow-up for more exposure. A thank you note, an email, a shout out on social media all make you memorable.

These added touches of consideration let the media professionals know that you appreciate them and make them want to work with you again in the future.

Remember PR is Your Friend

Yes, it is a bit extra work, but remember that gaining PR helps you.  It is your friend. It can make you more visible.  Publicity is the key to filling up your speaking calendar.

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Need Help

If you need help getting the word out about your public speaking contact Perceptive Public Relations and we can help you.


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