PR and Marketing Mindset

By Sandy Lawrence on June 6, 2017 in Marketing, PR

Do you feel prepared to promote yourself and your business?   Wrapping your head around what it takes to promote a product or person can be intimidating.  When I co-authored Soar2Success In Marketing with Elizabeth McCormick, back in 2014, I tried to break things down into bite-sized nuggets so everyone could understand and follow through with their PR.

PR and Marketing

As I explained during my recent webinar, a lot of PR is marketing.

PR and Marketing Mindset


Marketing is a mindset.  Once you are conscious of marketing, others efforts jump out at you and you become more effective in your own efforts.

Think of a marketing campaign that caught your eye.  What did they do differently than everyone else that made it stand out?

Look at billboards, commercials, ads, and direct mail you receive.   Be aware of what appeals to you and what doesn’t.  This will help you with your own marketing efforts.

Think Like a Marketer

After reviewing other people’s successful PR and marketing campaigns, you should start to be able to see what makes campaigns work and not work.  You will start to think like a marketer.

PR and marketing is not rocket science!  It just takes some time to review what works and doesn’t work for others and then begin implementing for yourself.  It can be creative, time-consuming, and take effort, but it is not hard.    Learn to think like a marketer and be smart about where you spend your time and money.

YOU can do it!

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