Packing an Emotional Punch into Your Writing

By Sandy Lawrence on January 18, 2016 in Communication

Every day, people are bombarded with text on the Internet. Everyone wants to tell them something. After a while, these stories and blog posts start to blend together and readers may not retain anything that they have read.

Packing an Emotional Punch

If you’re not starting a website like WebMD or Wikipedia, you may want to try adding an emotional punch to your writing. Engaging your readers’ emotions is a great way to grab and hold their attention.

Reasons to Grab Attention

Here’s why:

  • It Makes Your Content Memorable

Unfortunately, most websites provide tons of information, but they fail to draw their readers in emotionally.

Isn’t it more fun when you find an article that makes you laugh? Doesn’t it grab your attention when an article makes you angry? We don’t want to feel separated from the story. We want to be drawn in and feel like the website is talking directly to us and our problems and feelings.

That is why stories that grab readers emotionally tend to stand out. YouTube videos that are shocking, funny, or touching often go viral. Strictly informational clips simply aren’t passed around as much.

  • It Gets You More Links

Once again, content that evokes emotion tends to end up in a lot of place. People often want to share clips and content that made them feel something.

Therefore, by generating emotional content, you’re bound to get more retweets on Twitter and shares on Facebook. This is great for getting your name out there.

  • It Helps Develop a Reader-Writer Relationship

This is how you can get more “fans.” By writing emotionally impactful material, you’ll likely develop a stronger relationship with your readers.

People who read your writing will feel like they can relate to you, and you’ll become a person to them, not just an internet source of information.

This will lead those readers to come back to your site. Eventually, you’ll have a community around your blog or business and a base of loyal customers.

As you can see, there are several benefits to adding emotional appeals to your writing. It can help you grow your business!

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