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By Sandy Lawrence on June 18, 2015 in PR

I hosted my first webinar this week. Sounds easy – right? I mean, after all, everyone is doing webinars these days. I get several emails every day announcing the next webinar.


So, when I told my business coach, Michele Scism of Decisive Minds, LLC, that I planned to launch a new product and she suggested a webinar, I got really excited with no clue what was in store for me.

Not As Easy As It Seems

I soon realized that the content for the webinar was the easy part. No problem at all, I thought. I have presented this information multiple times. I know it. I have done PR for years. So, I set the date, scheduled it on Instant Teleseminar and thought,  “I am good to go.”

Not so, I soon realized! I started to hear about, among other things, the sales page, the opt-in, and the Thank You page. Oh, and what about the email invitations that I am to send to my distribution list. I have to let people know about the webinar – right?

Hold up though on the invitations, I’m told. Wait until all the pages are in place, hosted, tested, connected – OMG! Does everyone go through all these steps when they host a webinar.

I looked everywhere for a checklist, some instructions…something that would tell me what came first. I felt like the chicken and the egg scenario. I’m sure there are instructions available. I couldn’t find them. So, I trust (not easy for me to do) the work of my team. What a combined effort! One person writing the content; another creating the pages online and making sure that when someone registered they received the free gift, a thank you, and the instructions for the day of the event.

Once all pages were in place, time to send the invitations and begin all the social media efforts. Once again, a team is in place to make sure all is implemented.

 The Big Day Arrived

Eventually (although it seemed like overnight) the day arrives and, what are the odds, a tropical storm lands on the coast of Texas where I live. So, in the midst of getting everything set up, tested and retested, with lots of wind and rain, the webinar happened.

What an experience! More than exciting, it was thrilling! Not perfect! Exciting though! And now, the day after the webinar, here I sit, checking email regularly to see how many have signed up for the upcoming program – the PR Mastery Course. After all, that is the purpose of the webinar, to launch a new product.

 It Isn’t Too Late!

 If you missed the webinar, you can still watch by clicking  Tips to Get Your Story in Magazine or Publication.   You will learn how to break through the noise, get noticed and be known.   If this is something you feel will help you, you can sign up for the additional three classes I am offering at PR Mastery Course.



Over the next 3 weeks in the PR Mastery course we will be covering:

  • Learn how to begin building relationships with the media of your choice
  • Learn my secret strategy for getting your content in your favorite magazine!
  • How to Use Social Media to distribute your press releases and get the media attention
  • Learn the key elements you MUST have in your press release for it to be effective.

and so much more!

 I am also including step by step checklists, ideas for press releases and a Q&A call.  Plus…every participant gets a one-on-one session with me!

I promise to deliver lots of value and if you take advantage of the offer before, Tuesday, June 23, 2015 you get the deep discount price of $100 off the purchase price of PR Mastery.

I am so excited about this entire experience! I had to share it. And, amazing as it may seem to you, I am ready to host the next one. I am so happy that I took the risk and had this new experience. After all, that’s what being a business owner is all about! As my coach, Michele, says, “Take the risk or get a job!”

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