Measure The Performance of Your Press Release

By Sandy Lawrence on July 12, 2016 in PR

Press releases are a great way of gettPress releaseing your name out there and creating a buzz about your or your brand.  They can be used to help your SEO but overly optimized press releases are penalized by Google

Many people think writing the press release is the hard part and when it is published the job is finished.   But press releases need to be promoted.   Getting the word out to the appropriate channels for your target audience to see is sometimes a bigger job.

Do you know what metrics to use to gauge a press releases performance?

Onboardly Media designed an infographic that lists the various factors you should look into when measuring a press releases performance.

I found this helpful and when I ran across it again, I thought it might help you too.  It basically takes you through all the steps of creating a press release and explains what media will do for you as well and how to measure return on investment.

Check it out and if you need help with your press releases, get in touch with us at Perceptive Public Relations.

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PR Metrics That Matter

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