March 2017 PR Ideas

By Sandy Lawrence on February 23, 2017 in PR

March PR Ideas

Will you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with flair?   Let’s start getting in the mood for Spring with some new PR and marketing ideas for the month of March!

The month of March is:

  • Reading Awareness Month
  • Women’s History Month
  • National Nutrition Month
  • Gender Equality Month
  • Employee Spirit Month
  • Music in Our Schools Month
  • Brain Injury Awareness Month

Specific dates to be aware of:

  • 1-Zero Discrimination Day
  • 1- National Dadgum That’s Good Day
  • 1- National Fruit Compote Day
  • 1- National Horse Protection Day
  • 1- National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
  • 1- National Pig Day
  • 1-Ash Wednesday
  • 2-Read Across America Day
  • 3-World Wildlife Day
  • 3-Employee Appreciation Day
  • 3-National Salesperson Day
  • 5-11 Celebrate Your Name Week
  • 5-11 Read an E-Book WeekPancakes
  • 7-National Be Heard Day
  • 7-National Pancake Day
  • 8-International Women’s Day
  • 10-Salvation Army Day
  • 12-Girl Scout’s Day
  • 12-Daylight Savings
  • 12-18 National Agriculture Week
  • 14-18 National Wildlife Week
  • 14-Pi Day (3.14)
  • 14-National Organize Your Home Office Day
  • 15-World Consumer Rights Day
  • 17-St. Patrick’s Day
  • 19-Client’s Day
  • 20-First Day of Spring
  • 21-Single Parent’s Day
  • 21-World Down Syndrome Day
  • 23-National Puppy Day
  • 26-Purple Day
  • 30-National Doctors Day
  • 31-Eiffel Tower Day

We also look forward to…

  • Baking pies for Pi Day
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Spring Promotions
  • Easter Decorating

Coming Next Month…

Autism Awareness Month, April Fools Day, Spring sports, Easter Egg Hunts, World Health Day, Earth Day, April showers, and more!

Need Some Help

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