Harvey – The Storm of Storms

By Sandy Lawrence on September 2, 2017 in Business, Events

Thanks to all my readers who have written, called, sent text messages and checked on me during the recent “Harvey” storm.  Situations like this give us many blessings to count and each of you are a blessing to me.

I live in Houston and “Harvey” is one for the record books.

Harvey Storm of Storms

I live about 20 minutes away from downtown Houston and never thought the high waters would get to us.  But they did.

Cut Our Trip Short

My husband, David and I were on our way home from going to see the Eclipse in totality (Another blog post!) when we got word from home (Houston) that a storm was “a brewing in the Gulf.” We cut our trip short and came home on Thursday, just in time to meet Harvey.

We stocked up on supplies and planned to wait the storm out at home. (Lucky my office is at home.)

I Felt Helpless

The forecasters told us how bad it was going to be, then it started raining and we watched on TV as pictures emerged of the devastation.  I monitored friends and family as they checked in as safe on Facebook.  We scrolled my feed as business partners and friends asked for rescue and then were safely at a shelter.  I felt helpless!

We were so close yet we still had power and tv and phone service.   Then there was talk of flooding in areas nearer to us.  We waited for the rain to stop.

In all our years living here, we never had to worry about flooding.  So we felt we would be OK.

But, we had never met the likes of “Harvey.”

What Would We Do?

As the water crept nearer and nearer to our home, we wondered if we should stay or evacuate.  Where would we go?  Would the roads be flooded and we couldn’t get out?  What about our dogs?

We stayed up all night watching the water rise.  It got within a few inches of our front door.  Below is a picture taken from our front step, this is the street we live on.   It never reached our door.   We lost power for a short time but no major outages.


We were fortunate, but many others were not so lucky.  Many of my friends are now without a home.

Below is another picture of the sidewalk outside our house. (thankfully the water only came to the front steps). We were and are dry and safe.

Harvey (Our Sidewalk)

Three Things

My friend Kathi Laughman, sent a powerful email message in the midst of the storm.  She identified three things about storms in life or business: 1) Knowing what is important before a crisis happens. 2) The power of social media and relationships.   3) The real work hardly ever happens within the storm. It is almost always the rebuilding after the storm that is the most work.

Kathi said, “Watching the positive force social media can be to ease worried minds, ask for and find help getting information about loved ones and letting people know where they can get help has been gratifying.”

It is so true.  When social media is used for good it is a powerful tool we all benefit from.

When we find ourselves (or our businesses) in the midst of unexpected storms, like “Harvey”, we find out where we are prepared or ready, and we see the areas where we have more work to do. Storms bring out the best and the worst in all of us. I am grateful for the journey, including the rough, rocky storms. It helps me appreciate the smooth waters that wind their way towards my destination.

Building an Online Business

“Harvey” reinforced my desire to build more of my business online. PR is a people business and while I love networking and getting to know people, I desire a more flexible schedule to travel and make the business work even when I’m on the road.  I launched signup for my course, 21 Secrets Course a few week ago.  It was to start this past week, but “Harvey” changed those plans.

Because of “Harvey”, I delayed starting the first session of the 21 Secrets Course. The new start date is Thursday, September 7 (this coming Thursday) at 7:00 p.m. If you have not registered yet, you can do that NOW! Here’s the link: 21 Secrets Course.

We are building a supportive community for authors.  I hope you can join us.

So now I am off to go help some of our neighbors in need who were not so fortunate and sustained significant water damage.  I pray a storm like this never happens to you whether in business or in life.  But get prepared, just in case.  Don’t wait till the storm is upon you to prepare.

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