Do You Focus on Your Branding?

By Sandy Lawrence on September 2, 2016 in Marketing

PPR-Perceptive-Points-300x300Did you ever wonder why people buy expensive clothing simply for the logo on them? Victoria’s Secret, The North Face, Hollister, and many other companies are famous for their massive amount of brand followers.

Josh MacDonald, in his guest post on Duct Tape Marketing, suggests that a strong brand name is an incredibly valuable asset.   He writes, “Consumers who trust and recognize a brand tend to stick with it and recommend the brand to their friends and family.”

Given this knowledge, it’s only natural that you try to promote your brand!

Read his post here:

5 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Have a Following

Learn all the reasons why your branding is important.   Find out why strong branding can translate to a long time financial success!

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