August PR Ideas 2017

By Sandy Lawrence on July 20, 2017 in Holidays, PR

End of summer vacations, family reunions, and back to school season is here!  Use this month to your advantage to run promotions and bring in customers, old and new. Here are some events and observances to keep in mind.

August PR Ideas

The month of August is:

  • Children’s Eye Health Month
  • National Golf Month
  • Breastfeeding Month
  • Immunization Month
  • Shop Online for Groceries Month

 Specific dates to be aware of:

  • 1-Girlfriend’s Day
  • 1-7-Simplify Your Life Week
  • 2-Take a Penny/Leave a Penny Day
  • 4-Social Security Day
  • 4-Single Working Women’s Day
  • 5-International Beer Day
  • 6-National Root Beer Float Day
  • 6-International Friendship Day
  • 6-12-Exercise with Your Child Week
  • 7-National Kids’ Day
  • 7-Professional Speaker’s Day
  • 7-11-Weird Contest Week
  • 10-S’Mores Day
  • 11-Daughter’s and Son’s Day
  • 12-International Youth Day
  • 12-National Bowling Day
  • 13-Left Handers Day
  • 15-National Relaxation Day
  • 19-World Humanitarian Day
  • 20-Lemonade Day
  • 20-International Homeless Animals Day
  • 20-26-National Chef Appreciation Week
  • 21-Senior Citizens Day
  • 21-Poet’s Day
  • 25-31-Be Kind to Human Kind Week
  • 26-Women’s Equality Day
  • 26-National Dog Day
  • 26-Franchise Appreciation Day
  • 30-National Grief Awareness Day
  • 31-National Matchmaker Day

We also look forward to…

  • State fair season
  • Back to school
  • End of summer sales
  • Senior citizen discount

Coming Next Month…

Labor Day, Chocolate Day, First day of fall, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the start of football season, and more!


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