33 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Savvy

By Robin Smith on March 30, 2015 in Social Media

Perceptive PointsYou are online checking out your social media accounts, You make a few posts, you respond to other posts and then wonder if what you are doing is making any difference to your business?    I bet you have felt that way before.  I know I have.

Today I came across a blog post that I absolutely loved.  It gives you detailed tips on how to improve your use of social media.   I learned a great deal from this post.

I will just share one of the awesome tips.

Regina says,

“Unfollow junk accounts.

I like JustUnfollow, not for the somewhat middle school activity of unfollowing people just because they unfollow you, but because it allows you to identify people who haven’t used their accounts in like seven years. You can unfollow accounts on Twitter and Instagram very simply to keep the people you’re following to actual people who actually use these platforms.”

Check out Regina’s post and learn about the other 32 tips that will make you feel like a social media ninja!  Read:  How to Get Serious About Social Media


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