Your Stats Tell The Story

By Sandy Lawrence on May 2, 2017 in Social Media

Using social media to market your business is critical.  No longer can you wait around for the right time to get on the bandwagon.   You need to be marketing on social media or you totally missed the wagon.

We have written a number of posts about this, you can find a few of them below:

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Plus many more…..but now that we are actually marketing with our social media, how do we know it is working?

Stats Tell Story

Review Your Stats

Numbers do not lie!   The proof of your success or lack of success is in the numbers.

Using the attached spreadsheet, I’d like you to track your return on investment on this project so that you can improve your efforts.

Each month, please record:

  • The number of followers/fans/group members for each platform.
    • Make notes about any campaigns that greatly increased follower numbers or special promotions that might have contributed to growth on a particular platform.
    • This will help you to know what to try again and what to skip the next time.
  • The best performing post on each platform.
    • Keep track of what type of post performs best on each (inspirational, informational, etc) as well as which hashtags get the most attention.

Use this information each month as you create new content, so that you can continually improve your efforts.

Spreadsheet for Tracking Numbers

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