Tips for Organizing Your Desk

By Robin Smith on January 26, 2015 in Business

Perceptive PointsIt is January and everyone is into organizing and decluttering.  For some it is their home, car,  garage, attic, or basement.   For others it might be their office, their desk or their computers.  Those digital files can become overwhelming too!   As I was perusing the Internet, I found an interesting post by Lynn Terry about organizing your desk to improve productivity.   It caught my eye because I’m always trying to be more productive and right now, my desk is a total mess.

Lynn says:

“Move everything OFF your desk, except what you are working on right now. Then, before moving on to anything else, deal with everything that is left on your desk. Mail is one example. Don’t just move it around – get it done and get rid of it! Work through everything else that is left on your desk in “get it done” mode. Then consider what is left – what needs to stay ON your desk, and why.”

This post gave me lots of ideas to try and many tips to implement.  I’m looking forward to increased productivity and I bet you could learn a few tips from Lynn also.

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