Tips For Creating eBooks To Grow Your Business

By Robin Smith on February 12, 2015 in Perceptive Picks

Perceptive PointsEbooks are all the rage.  Everyone is creating one for a giveaway or to sell.   Have you created one yet?  Jon Salm wrote a post giving you the 5 top things you need to consider when writing your ebook so it will help build your business.

Jon gives details to the following steps:

 1. Pick a Topic

2. Decide on Your Tone

3. Decide on Your Format

4. Establish Your Marketing and Distribution Tactics

5. Stay Social

Creating an eBook is a great way to start a discussion with your audience and build your business.    Lear to do it the right way with the infor provided in this post:  How to Create eBooks That Will Help Boost Your Marketing Strategy


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