Stay On Track: Avoid Saboteurs

By Robin Smith on January 17, 2015 in Communication

Stay on trackYou work very hard to build your business and then something comes along and knocks things off track.  Susan Mary Malone has identified four things that can easily sabotage your business and how to avoid and overcome them.

One of the saboteurs Susan points out is:

“Well meaning (or not!) FRIENDS and FAMILY.

Uh oh, this is a sticky one. But the fact of the matter is that when you finally commit to your goal, it can be threatening to those who love you. They think you’re working too hard. Or you should be sleeping that extra hour. Or what if you really do get rich and famous? What will it mean to them? Or . . . well, just fill in the blank.”

While some examples are humorous, this post hits home in a lot of areas.  I have dealt with all four of the saboteurs and I bet you have too.  I found her post helpful to put things in perspective and I think you will benefit from reading it too.

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