Sell More Books: Online Stores and Other Sales Options

By Sandy Lawrence on May 3, 2016 in Books

Phone and Book tours used to be the only ways you could connect with retail stores selling your books. That is no longer the case. Whether it is a small books store, Amazon, or other outlets – who sell your books, it is easier than ever to be connected. Let’s take a look at a few options.

Sell more books

Sales Options

Local Bookstores

Book signings are no longer very productive for authors but, there are many other ways to get known at your local bookstore. (That is not to say you should rule the option out. I still set them up for many of my clients, but it is usually a local store in their area.)

Consider a freebie bookstores could give away in each bag? Perhaps a bookmark that has information on the front about the book and all the sales info, and an uplifting message on the back. If they are purchasing a book, they will love a bookmark!

If you have written a “how-to” book, consider a seminar right there in the bookstore. It will position you as the “go-to” expert, and people will probably want to learn more.

If you wrote a great cookbook, you could consider a demo right in the store and give away samples of the recipe.

Online Stores

Barnes and Nobel and other online stores like to have exclusive content for their websites. Consider a video series or a handout or something that only they have available on their sites. This not only makes buying from the site seem like a better option, but online stores often will help in the promotion.

Pay special attention to the author pages if they are available. On Amazon, you can link up your blog posts directly to your author page and offer all sorts of great info about yourself, your business, your expertise, and more.

Other Types of Websites

Another way to boost your sales is to have a group or organization feature you and your book on their website.

If you are featured on a new segment and they mention your book, they might put a link to you book page or your website. I

If you are speaking at a conference for a large organization, they will most likely feature you on their site. Add links to your book or even a picture of your book.

Use your contacts from networking and brainstorm ideas. Connect by being a resource to them and in time they will promote you and your book.

Marketing Help

Do you need help promoting your book? Contact Sandy at Perceptive Public Relations and set up an appointment.


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