Sell More Books: Create a Leader’s Guide

By Sandy Lawrence on March 1, 2016 in Success

Have you ever purchased a book and just loved it?  You wanted to share it with all your friends so you could all talk about the book over coffee.   Or maybe you are a member of a book club that takes turns leading discussions about books, but never know where to start the discussion.

Sell More books Create a Leader's Guide

If you have a book, a great way to increase sales is to create a “Leader’s Guide.”   Many books have a leader’s guide or book discussion questions in the back of the book, but I think you should go one step further; create extra material you can offer on your website, put onto a free CD, etc.   You can do this for fiction books or self help books.  I find it especially useful with the “How to” and  “Self help” non fiction books.

It is pretty simple to put a “leader’s  guide” together and others love getting something extra!

What to include:

Here are some of the things you could include in a Leaders Guide:

  • A “Letter to Leaders” talking about ideas for their group
  • Preparing for the discussion –  a step-by-step guide to getting your group ready
  • A flyer to use in their group
  • A sign-up sheet
  • Icebreaker questions
  • Creative ideas to go with the book/project
  • Extra handouts
  • Discussion questions
  • Fun recipes, crafts, or anything related to the book or project.

It may seem like a lot of extra work to create all this free material – however the benefits are great. Here are just a couple of ways you can use the kit:

  • On your book table – give away the CD to those who want to start a group.   Many will purchase your book just to get the leader guide.   Often it means means they are purchasing several books for themselves and their friends.
  • Online – Offer the items free when they purchase the book.  They can just provide the receipt number.
  • Web Page – they have free access as long as they provide their email address.
  • Trained Leaders  – can use these as they lead groups around the nation.
  • Freebie – Use as a freebie or handout at conferences.

I’m sure there are many  more uses.  If you think of any, feel free to share them in the comments below.

You spent all the time writing a book….now it is time to Sell More Books:  Create a Leader’s Guide!

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