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By Sandy Lawrence on April 7, 2017 in Social Media

Social media marketing helps you promote your business.  It gets your name in front of the eyes of potential customers.  Considering there are over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users in the world, that is a lot of eyes.  How else would you have the chance to reach so many?


There are 1.23 billion daily facebook users.   That means 1.23 billion log into Facebook every single day and some (like me) multiple times per day. The average stay per visit is about 20 minutes in length.     Can you and your business afford not to participate on Facebook?

Probably not, but how in the world do you make time for it all?  You have other things to do besides being on social media all day long.


A way you can appear to be on social media while working on other things is to pre-schedule posts.  Some people say engagement decreases with prescheduled posts and in some cases that is true, but it is still better than not posting.  So it is one of those things that is helpful and effective for saving time.

Before you being scheduling posts, you need to know why you want to do it and what you expect from your scheduling tool.

Determine which of these items you wish to accomplish.

I’d like to be able to:

  • Schedule posts across multiple platforms and accounts. 
  • Schedule both text, image, and video updates.
  • Easily find other content to share.

Knowing what you want to do when you pre-schedule will help you pick the right tool.


There are many tools to make scheduling content easy on platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. 

Some to consider are:

One of these will likely fit the bill for basic scheduling.  I have used some of these and know people who use all of these.  You will have to test them and find the one that is best for you.  All work a bit differently and have different costs.  

If possible try for free before paying and always do your research and know what you are purchasing.

One tool I didn’t mention is Facebook Scheduling.   It only works with Facebook and only on pages, not in groups or personal profiles.   But Facebook treats their scheduled posts as live postings and engagement seems to be pretty much the same.   I use Facebook scheduled posts sometimes on my Perceptive PR Facebook page.

Again, test them and see what works for you.  If you do use a scheduling tool, remember to visit the page often and respond to questions and comments.

 The goal here is to make this as quick and efficient for you.  To save you time and create traffic for your accounts, so please keep that in mind when trying out the various apps.  

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