Reduce Stress With Strategy

By Robin Smith on January 8, 2015 in Business

DecisionsWe all have stress.  Making decisions, answering questions, networking, building our businesses all contribute.  We could probably ward off a huge amount of stress if we were a bit more strategic.  Using strategy in our business and in our lives help us to reduce stress.

Kathi Laughman identified three areas where we could be strategic, here is a snippet of one of her ideas:

 “The Actions of the Day

The second place we experience stress is when we fail to live up to our promises to ourselves. Any time we move out of integrity (say one thing – do another) it introduces stress. Who we are vs. what we do is the ultimate generator or dissipater of stress. It’s about the tough things we have to do every day to move us to that “end in mind” state. If we don’t start with that vision, we will soon find ourselves losing steam when the work that needs to be done isn’t recognized as important, even vital.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for being real and reducing stress.  Read the rest of her post, 3 Ways Being Strategic Reduces Stress and begin to reduce your stress levels today.


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