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By Sandy Lawrence on April 11, 2017 in Marketing, Social Media

Social media marketing can help build your business.   One way you can use it to increase engagement is to create a posting schedule.

Using the information from previous posts, you should have a number of items to begin posting.  Everything from photos, videos, blog posts, client testimonials, etc.   Now you need to get your posts on a schedule.


Posting on a schedule allows you to plan out and add variety to your posts.   You can recognize special holidays, events, sales, etc.  Since you have other things to do besides be on social media, it allows you to create a number of posts at one time.

Create a Posting Schedule

Try creating a workable social media schedule.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Your audience is all over the world, so be sure to post at different times throughout the day
  • Some channels (such as Twitter) need much more content than others (like YouTube)
  • The majority of your audience is on __(What social media?)__________, so that is where we should spend the majority of your efforts.
  • If there is another social media you would like to grow your audience on?   Identify it and beginning being more aggressive and spending more time on that platform.

Social Media On A Schedule

You can use the spreadsheet we created in the post, Let’s Review Your Content, or create a new one.    Add a column for date and time.  Then you can begin scheduling when you want to use your content on social media.

Using the scheduling tools we discussed in the post, Scheduling With Social Media Tools,  you can pre-schedule posts in bulk to save time.

Just remember if you use a scheduling tool, go into your various social media accounts on a daily basis to comment and respond to posts.


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