7 Tips for Successful Public Speaking

By Sandy Lawrence on August 8, 2017 in Marketing

Have you ever dreamed of being on the stage and speaking to thousands of people?  Most people are petrified of public speaking.  But for those who decide to be a public speaker, it becomes a way of life.

Public Speaking

Yesterday was Professional Speaker Day.  I would love to give a shout out to all my speaker friends.  They do such an amazing job.

Thinking about becoming a public speaker?

Have you been considering public speaking?

You are already an expert in public speaking. You do it everywhere, in every situation.

When you bump into a friend at the store, you talk to her. If she has several family members with her, you are presenting yourself to them, as well as to your friend.

When you interact with store staff while shopping, you are speaking in public. When you expound on the importance of school involvement to a group of friends at the PTA meeting,  you are speaking in public.

The truth is, we do it all the time.

Some of us are fine with that type of impromptu interaction, but freeze up at the idea of giving a formal presentation – which is what people usually think of, when someone says “public speaking”.

Some of us are so painfully shy we consider interacting with a sales clerk an ordeal that makes walking barefoot over hot coals seem easy.

If you belong to the latter group, getting to the point where you’re comfortable giving a presentation will require a lot more work and a hefty emotional makeover – but the good news is that both groups are equally capable of overcoming an inability to give formal presentations.

Speaking Tips

If you want to become a professional speaker, I have a few tips for you.

1.Identifying Why You Fear Speaking in Public

Knowing what you are fearful of is half the battle.

2. Starving the Fear

Recognize the negative things you have been telling yourself and reinforcing the fear.  Put a stop to it.

3.Learning to Reframe

Find a way to quiet the negative self-talk and reframe with positive affirmations.

4. Recognizing and Avoiding Common Confidence “Traps”

Know your confidence traps such as learned helplessness and all-or-nothing thinking.  Take steps to avoid them.

5.Fool-proofing Your Presentation

Planning and preparation are key!  Know your content and practice, practice practice.

6.The Day of Your Presentation

Help yourself feel confident and successful by dressing for success.  Dress comfortably but professionally.

7.Reward yourself for a job well done

Celebrate every success no matter how small.  We all have to start somewhere and every baby step is a step in the right direction towards public speaking.

We will go over each of these speaking tips in detail in future posts, so stay tuned and start taking baby steps today to become a top-notch public speaker.


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