Prep Your Instagram and YouTube Accounts For Traffic

By Sandy Lawrence on March 7, 2017 in Social Media

We are in a series about  Using Social Media to Market Your Business.   We covered Facebook pages, groups, etc.  and updating your Twitter and Pinterest. Today we are tackling Instagram and YouTube.

Prep you Instagram and YouTube Accounts

Prep Your Instagram and Youtube Accounts for Traffic

You may already have accounts, but they may not be optimized or properly targeted, or may not match your current branding.  So take the time to follow along and update your accounts.

Remember, just having an account is not enough.  You want it to promote your brand and be something people remember.

Create/Review Instagram Account

Your Instagram account should be in keeping with your other social accounts, and is closely related to (and should be connected with) your Facebook account. Instagram will need:

  •  A short bio (include my URL and preferred hashtags)
  •  A profile picture

It also helps if you are using for business to keep pictures in line with your theme.

You can connect Instagram to other accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

 Create/Review YouTube Channel

Your YouTube channel will be a bit more complex to create if you are just beginning.  For starters, we’ll need:

  • A header graphic
  • A profile picture
  • A channel description (include keywords and URL)

In addition to that, You will want to include a welcome video. View some competitors’ channels to see how they are managing this aspect and then create an appropriate introductory video.

There you have it….everything you need to get your accounts ready for some serious marketing.  As customers find you on social media and move to another they should see the same branding and know it is you.

In the next post we will talk about checking out the competition.

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