Need Ideas To Blog About: 9 Useful Tips

By Sandy Lawrence on August 4, 2015 in Communication

You’ve started a blog and are excited to get writing. Only one problem: you can’t think of anything to blog about! That happens to a log of people. It’s a common issue for the new blogger. As a new blogger you don’t have the advantages of experience, intuition and reader comments that an experienced blogger will have on their side.

Blog Ideas


Blog Ideas

Here are nine tips to help you figure out what to blog about:

1. Blog Your Experiences – Writing what you know and what you experienced is always a good way to get your writing juices flowing. Think of any relevant experiences you have that you can share with your readers and add value to your blog.

2. Blog a Case Study – This is similar to blogging your experiences but now you can get your readers involved by announcing the case study. Do your case study over a period of time (and posts) so that your new readers canfollow along and learn or even do their own case study along with you.

3. Interview Experts – Whether you do a written, audio or video interview, adding expert input to your blog is a great way to add experience you may not have. Your new readers will love the different opinions and ideas all in one spot.

4. Visit Related Forums – People gather in forums to ask questions and share information. Searching through relevant forums is a powerful way to find burning questions and topics that you can then address on your blog.

5. Visit Expert Blogs – Visit the blogs of other experts in your field and see what they’re blogging about. Take particular note of the topics that get a lot of comments or trackbacks (links).

6.  Scroll Through Pinterest – Take 10 minutes and wonder through Pinterest doing searches on key works and you will find an abundance of topics and  headlines.  You will have more ideas than you can imagine.

Ask Your Market – Another great way to find out what people want to know is to ask them. If you have an email list send them a survey. You could put a poll on your blog also with a WordPress plugin called Wp-Polls. You could also just ask people who you know in your target market for a one-on-one answer.

7. Check – If your topic is anything of interest to other people, there’s likely a dozen or more books on the topic at Amazon. Most of the books let you peek inside at the table of contents. Use the contents to give you topic ideas and you’re sure to pick a winner!

9. Search Google for Blog Topics – Do a simple search for blog topics and you will come up with dozens of posts that provide just that, a list of blog topics for you to choose from.  One that I found by Chris Brogan, 100 Topics I Hope You Write.  He includes some standard posts as well as many unique ideas.  Well worth a look and 100 posts will take you through the year if you are blogging twice a week.

Over time as you get used to writing for your new blog and as you get to know your readers topic ideas will flowmuch more freely. For now, keep these nine idea tips handy and you’re sure to always have something to write about.

Do you have any additional ideas to share?  If so, please add them to the comments below.


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