Images For Blogging: What is Legal

By Robin Smith on April 29, 2015 in Social Media

Perceptive PointsI was listening to a podcast yesterday when the guest mentioned Google was her favorite online tool.  She said she used it to find images and used them in her blog posts.  I wanted to jump through the internet and tell her to be careful.

Images are everything.  When creating a blog post, you want to find the perfect image.  Images grab your  attention.  Images increase engagement.   Images can also get you in trouble if you use them incorrectly.

The best thing to do is create your own images.   But that isn’t always possible.  Christopher Jan Benitez wrote a post, When is Taking and Using Images Online a Good Thing?  He discusses the law and the times when taking pictures from online sources is acceptable.

He touches on using Creative Commons pictures, stock photo sites, and press kits.  He also provides tips for giving credit to photos used from various sites.

This is a must read for anyone using photos in blogs or on any online medium.   Take a few minutes to check out his post and keep yourself out of copyright infringement problems.


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