How to Merge Your Online and Offline Influence

By Sandy Lawrence on July 20, 2015 in Business

5-Ways-to-Merge-Your-Online-and-OfflineDo you connect with your audience in real life?  It is a great way to build influence and increase your followers.  I’m not just talking about attending conferences and huge networking events, I’m talking about the everyday activities that you can do in your local neighborhood that can increase your level of influence.

I personally have found offline events a wonderful way to grow my business.  I attend local events every week.  One I host and attend is the The Sandy Lawrence Marketing and Collaboration Bistro.

I was reading a blog post on Piggy Makes Bank about merging your online and offline influence and found the connections fascinating.  The post showcases 5 particular ways, but there are dozens if you think about it.

Katie Hornor shares one of her ideas:

Become a local news resource

You can offer to be a resource for a local reporter, sending them tips and ideas for stories or interviews. Kristen Hewitt went a step further and became a reporter herself. She writes at Mommy in Sports but is also a reporter/producer for the Miami Heat.”

Check out her post, 5 Ways to Merge Your Online and Offline Influence and Use it to Your Business Advantage.  I’m sure you will find at least one tip to help you merge your influence and grow your business.


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