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By Sandy Lawrence on May 5, 2017 in Social Media

One of the hot topics with social media managers and coaches is Facebook Live.  Have you tried it?

Facebook Live is an amazing way for you to use the power of live video to communicate with your followers and build a relationship with them.

I have recently started doing a number of Facebook Live videos and I’m totally enjoying them.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live Makes A Difference

No matter how you feel about seeing and hearing yourself on video, your customers and potential customers will appreciate the effort and that video may make the difference between them choosing your business over another.

When a person likes a business’ Facebook page they are used to text updates and an occasional picture.   With Facebook live you can help your “fans” put faces and voices to your business posts which further increase your “relatability”.


Personality is a hard thing to convey via social media. You may have several anecdotes or business related stories to tell that just don’t go over well in text format. Now with Facebook Live you can be your amazing self and use your personality to help promote and improve your business.

Even if the first few Facebook Live events don’t go very smoothly, before long you’ll find your groove and begin to talk to your followers as if they are friends while still promoting your business or services.

When social media users see a business using Facebook Live, it shows them that the people behind the page are interested in their feedback and improving customer relationships.

You may think that something as simple as getting on camera and saying “hello” to your followers is not a big deal but it can make a huge difference in how people think about your business.

A Real Person

Having a business page on Facebook means that you need to post at least once a day, maybe more, in order to keep your followers engaged. You don’t have to go live that often, but maybe setting up a Follow Friday live event each week or Miserable Monday where you and your followers can discuss work events will open up communication and show your business fans that you are a real person with real goals and problems just like them.

Any step you can take to personify your business in the eyes of potential customers is a benefit to your business. If just one person decides to use your services because they like the goofy videos you share or because you explain things in your live segments that they needed clarification on, then you’ve done what you set out to do.

Your Turn

So I encourage YOU to take a stab at doing Facebook Live!  Check out our next post that includes step by step instructions to get started with Facebook Live.

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