Facebook Changes: Did You Notice?

By Sandy Lawrence on July 25, 2016 in Social Media

Facebook is at it again.  Making changes to a variety of things.  Have you seen the new Facebook Page design yet?   Not your profile, just your business or organization page.

It appears to be rolling out by user.  So if you have more than one page, and you get it on one, you should have on all of your pages.

Facebook Changes:

For once, I think everyone will love these changes.  You can see them in the picture below.

Facebook Changes

I have listed them below:

  • The cover image is clear of all the junk. (buttons, titles, etc. have been removed)  So your entire picture or design will show.
  • The profile picture is now at the top left with the page name and username below the picture.
  • Tabs are now in the left column.
  • Page statistics is now a giant section, (but only visible to your page admins), right about the wall.
  • The About section, 3 featured apps, videos, etc. shift to the right column.
  • The Message button icon shifts from a tiny square chat icon to the actual Messenger logo.
  • Where you used to see 3 dots, … you now see the label “More.”    This is good, people can save your page, like as their page, etc.

I’m loving this clean look and feel. How about you?

Go check and see if you have the new page design and let me know what you think of it.


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