Eating for Better Business

By Sandy Lawrence on June 1, 2017 in Business, PR

Do you eat healthy foods?   I have been trying to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Cutting down or eliminating processed foods, sugar and red meat.

You might be wondering why I am making an effort to eat this way.  It isn’t just because I would like to loose some weight.  But more about trying to be the best me I can be.  When my diet has lots of fat and processed foods in it, I feel less energetic. I think less clearly. I feel sluggish and not at my peak.   It is hard to run a business when I’m not at peak performance.  I want to go above and beyond for my clients and to do that, I need to eat in a manner that serves my goals.

Eating for Better Business

June is “Fresh Fruit and Vegetable” Month and I’m planning to celebrate by eating lots of locally grown veggies and fruits.  You might say, “I am eating for better business!”  This will help keep me on top of my game for my clients and some big events coming up in June.

Big Event

In fact, I’m kicking off one of those big events tonight.

As the owner of a PR agency, I constantly have to explain what I do!

I do not buy advertisements, I don’t order journalists to write stories for my clients. I don’t produce cute radio jingles, and I don’t hand out free samples at the mall.

Yes, I promote my clients, their books or products. But unlike advertisers, we persuade our audiences through unpaid or earned methods. Whether it’s the traditional media, social media or speaking engagements, we communicate with our audiences through trusted, not paid, sources.

I will be talking about all this and more during my FREE webinar tonight,  June 1, 2017 at 7:00 PM.  You can register for this FREE workshop by clicking the signup button below:


Can You Answer These Questions?

Do you know the real meaning of Public Relations? What do you think a publicist does for their clients? Do you need to hire someone to do your publicity or can you do it yourself (DIY)?

I will answer these questions and much more on this FREE webinar! No charge! No sales! Just an hour of giving you a “BEHIND THE SCENES” look at Perceptive Public Relations tonight at 7 Central.

Register Today

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I’m looking forward to talking with you on the FREE webinar.

Till then I hope you will consider celebrating Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month with me during June.   Eating healthy doesn’t just help your body but helps your mind and in the end, will help your business.


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