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By Sandy Lawrence on April 4, 2017 in Social Media

Creating Social Media content to share helps drive traffic to your business!  We have been covering  Using Social Media to Market Your Business and ways to get your social media accounts ready to drive traffic.  If you missed some of those posts, you can find them here;

Prep Your Instagram and YouTube Accounts for Traffic and Facebook Review for Marketing.

We also looked at our competition and then reviewed your own content.

Now it is time to create some simple shareable graphics.

Content create

Create Share-Worthy Content

Good social media marketing includes a mix of text-only updates, calls to action, video and graphics. By far, aside from video,  the most “sharable” content is graphics.

You can create your own share-worthy content consisting of images with inspirational or actionable text and your URL or logo.

You can create shareable graphics using inexpensive programs such as PicMonkey or Canva.  They are simple and easy to use and do a great job.  You do not need to be a graphic artist.  These programs even pre-size the template for you to make things easy.

There are lots of other programs out there too and you can also use apps on your phone to create shareable graphics.

Gifts For You

Below are a few examples created by my friend Robin Smith over at Be Social, Get Success.  Consider them a gift.  You can save these graphics and add your URL to use as your own.

(On the computer, right-click to save to your desktop or folder.)

a good plan today


a true leader


a great accomplishment

Do You Need Help?

If you need help marketing your business, give Perceptive Public Relations a call.

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