Check Out This New Tool!

By Sandy Lawrence on September 29, 2016 in Social Media

Check Out This New Tool!

Sometimes I find a little tech tool on the internet and I get all excited and can’t wait to tell people about it.   That is the case today!  Actually, I have two interesting things to tell you about.

The first thing is a neat program I found called  It is so simple and easy to use and fantastic if you ever have to use design elements in you copy or brochures.  Great to see how fonts will look when deciding what to use on graphics.

Did I mention simple?   I like tools that are easy and intuitive to use.  No instruction book needed here.   You simply just type a word into the space provided and click load fonts and you can see how the word looks in all the available fonts on your computer.

I typed the word happy in and well, you can see what the program served up below.   You can select bold, color, etc.


Facebook 101

The other thing I wanted to tell you about is an awesome series of posts about getting started with Facebook by my friend Brian Bearden.

I have been on Facebook forever it seems and I sometimes forget there are people out there just getting started and might need some help.  Click here to see a roundup of all the Beginner Facebook Posts.

If you are a beginner, I highly recommend you go take a look.

Need Some Help

If you need some help, get in touch.  Perceptive PR offers expert services in PR, Marketing and Social Media.

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