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By Sandy Lawrence on June 23, 2016 in Communication

Networking is important.  We previously talked about strategies you could use to automate some of the networking tasks in a post, Be a Network Ninja – Automate.

We pointed out that Networking events are not just conferences and in-person events. I personally have used my PR skills to network at online events.  I’m including webinars, summits, Facebook parties, and Twitter parties.  Any type of event that is held online falls into this bucket.

Network Ninja

How to Stand Out

Here are a few tips to help you stand out from the crowd and get the most networking possible from an online event.

Participate – Get your name out there.  When possible be sure to include your company or business.

Ask Questions – This is part of participation.  Make sure your questions will help you and other participants.

Don’t Self-Promote – Yes you want your name out there, but the spotlight is on the host. Please don’t hijack his/her event.    If the host gives you a shout out or asks for your information during the event, then by all means share.

Watch for Possible Relationships – During the event, watch for participants you would like to build relationships with.  Contact them after the event. (Introduce yourself, ask a question, share info, etc.)  Do not sell!

Thank you – Be sure to thank the host at the end of the event.  Give them a shout out on social media.  The host will remember your kindness.

Follow-up – Connect with those who participated and you want to know better after the event.   You can send a friend request on FB, like their page, follow on Twitter, sign up for their newsletter.


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