Are You Marketing Your Business Correctly?

By Sandy Lawrence on October 21, 2015 in Marketing

Are You MarketingThere are so many ways to market a business today.  You can use old fashioned PR, social media, and other new marketing tactics.  But are you doing it the right way?   It is a question many ask.

Regardless of which way you market, there are some key things you can do to make your marketing a success.

Laura Wallis shares 5 key things to make your marketing successful.

This is one of Laura’s tips:

“Adequate resources for implementation: Almost daily I hear from clients that they love their marketing plan, they just don’t have the resources to implement it, consumed as they are with the mechanics of running the business. I get it. One of the hardest parts of maintaining consistency is finding the time for it. That’s why entrepreneurs need to have a plan for implementing – whether it’s setting aside one hour each day for social media, working with an assistant, or outsourcing it to a marketing boutique (like us!). We actually also do a lot of training for our private clients’ internal staff or virtual help, as well.”

Hop over to her site and read the rest of her tips in her post, How to Market a Small Business Successfully Today



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