A Genius Online Marketing Strategy

By Sandy Lawrence on December 17, 2015 in Marketing

Perceptive PointsIt’s the time of year when companies are fighting for a spot on customers’ news feeds and an ounce of their attention. How can you beat out the competition?

Refer to the article on the Top Rank Online Marketing Blog, Remarketing 101: The No-Brainer Paid Search Tactic. In it, Michael Bak explains what remarketing is and why it’s a no-brainer to start using it. He also offers a relevant example to help you understand the way remarketing works in a real-world setting.

Essentially, remarketing is a way to keep the customers you’ve already had coming back and buying more.

Find out if remarketing is right for you. It could be the answer you needed to get noticed and start making cash this holiday season!




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