9 Smart Strategies for Delivering an Epic Elevator Speech

By Sandy Lawrence on July 14, 2015 in Communication

Do you have an elevator speech?  I’m sure you have heard the rumor that elevator speeches are dead!  Don’t believe it for a minute.

Elevator SpeechAs a PR professional, I spend my time helping people get known, get noticed, and stand out.   One of the best ways you can stand out is to have an awesome elevator pitch.  Short, concise and accurate is what matters.

When people meet you or talk with you, time is precious.  You have a very brief amount of time to make an impact.  You want to make sure you influence the person in a positive light.  An elevator speech can help you do that.


Here are some tips to help you deliver a great elevator speech with a powerful punch in five minutes or less:

  1. Smile  A smile will put everyone at ease and make you appear more approachable.
  2. Enunciate your words. Speak clearly, pronounce your words correctly, and speak loud enough so people can hear you.
  3. Speak slowly. When nervous, we have a tendency to speak faster than normal.   Make a conscious effort to slow your speech down.
  4. Create a hook. Create an intriguing, concise introduction.  You want to give enough information to start a conversation, not give a dissertation.  You want to pique their curiosity.
  5. Tell a short story. Everyone loves a story.  It can help capture interest and show how what you do helps others.  Include a fascinating tidbit of information.
  6. Have an open torso. Face the person and have a relaxed stance.   Do not cross your arms or close yourself off.
  7. Include movement.  Don’t plan yourself and freeze. You want to appear relaxed and approachable.  Not stiff and uncomfortable.
  8. Flowing movement of hands and head. Tilt your head as you talk, use your hands to emphasize points, etc.
  9. Be prepared to answer questions. Most people will ask a question or two about what you have told them, be prepared to answer.

Did I mention SMILE?  It is the most important thing to set the tone of your encounter.

Since an elevator ride is only a few seconds long, the goal is to make an impact and garner interest in a short amount of time.  Practice your speech in front of a mirror and then with friends till you feel totally comfortable delivering your speech.

Can you think of any tips I missed?  Please list them below.  Don’t forget to connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.


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