7 Smart Ways to Create Authority

By Sandy Lawrence on August 16, 2017 in Communication

If you want to be a public speaker, you have to position yourself as an authority in your industry.   People need to be given a reason to listen to you.  If they feel you are an authority, they will give what you have to say more weight. But how do you create authority?

Create Authority

Position Yourself as an Authority

There are a number of ways to gain authority in your industry.  I will share a few ideas with you.

Creating authority is not difficult.  I will share a few ideas with you.

1.Write a Book, either an ebook or a printed book.

It can even be a tip book.  It can move your status as an expert higher, as well as produce additional revenue streams.

My friend and client, Brian Bearden recently wrote a tip book, 52 Ways  It has helped Brian to be seen as an authority figure.

2.Write a Blog Post or Article and Publish it Online.

It can be published on your own blog or on someone else’s creating backlinks to your own website.  At your next meet-up or conference, talk with your peers and find a few that will allow you to guest post.

3.Social Media Groups Relevant to Your Industry.

Join groups where can feel comfortable and share.  Don’t take over the group, but ask questions and answer questions when others ask.  Help others and soon they will start thinking of you as a resource.

4.Start your own Social Media Group.

When you provide valuable content to your group, whether it is your content or that of others, you look like the expert.  It is your time to shine.

5. Go Live!

Facebook Live is one of the best ways to grab attention on social media and people easily start thinking of you as an expert when you display your expertise and help others.

6. Be a Guest on Podcasts.

This allows other audiences to learn about you and get to know you.  You attract more followers and are thought of as the expert.

This allows other audiences to learn about you and get to know you.  You attract more followers and are thought of as the expert.

7. Update Your Bio to Showcase Your Expertise.  

Make your bio one that draws attention to your skills and your talents.   Show how you have become an expert and why they should look to you for advice.

All of these tips are relatively easy to do and cost very little except for your time. You can create authority.   You know your stuff, now be known as an expert and an authority in your niche!




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