5 Tips for Social Media Engagement

By Sandy Lawrence on December 14, 2016 in Social Media

Communication, it is what PR is all about.  Everyone wants a piece of the pie and to get noticed and you work hard to get the word out and communicate why you or your business or service is tops over your competitors.   It’s tough these days. With so much out there to entertain people and grab their attention, trying to get them to notice you and your business can be hard.

SM Engagement


5 Tips for Social Media Engagement

Social media can be a key driver in engaging your community with your business. With channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, photos and videos can easily be broadcast. The thing is, it takes work to fully utilize the platforms to increase the interaction.

After helping hundreds of people with their PR and marketing, I thought it might be helpful to share some key ways to drive true engagement on the social media platforms.

Connection and Engagement

Here are five ways that can help your business connect with your community:

Post Often

Facebook is the number one channel to reach your community, but if you aren’t posting 10-15 times per week on your page, then people are not going to see your activity.  You can post pictures, videos, share your customer’s posts, etc.  The key is to be posting something of interest for your readers.


You cannot simply post images and videos without being ready to listen and respond to followers. Take the time to “like” positive comments on your Facebook page. Make sure to retweet those messages. These little gestures let your community members know you are paying attention to their activity on social media. It also drives the algorithm up on your account, meaning more people will see your updates.

Share Video

Photos are great, but videos are even better. Have you tried Facebook Live yet? This allows your community to tune in to events as they are happening.  If you have a brick and mortar business, this would be great during a sale or during customer appreciation days, etc.  This works for any type of special event.  And guess what, it doesn’t have to be your event.  You can promote what is happening in the community.    And remember, short videos are the best! It’s tough to grab someone’s attention for more than 30 seconds, so don’t be afraid to share short videos.


Sometimes our online efforts need a little offline support. This means talking about your social media channels every chance you get!   Think newsletters, blog posts, etc.


You don’t have to be on every social media network there is.   Find out where your customers are in be active there.   Spend your time where your customers live.

Social media is obviously here to stay. We encourage you to revisit your social media strategy.  If you need help, we are here! Give us a call!

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