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By Sandy Lawrence on October 6, 2015 in Social Media

“What can I share on Facebook without looking stupid, or too much selling?”  This is a question I hear quite often.   Many entrepreneurs have no clue what to share.

We just finished a class on social media and I thought it might be helpful to give you some ideas on the types of posts you can make that would be of interest to your fans.

Share on Facebook

Facebook is about building relationships.  So you want to be posting about things that your followers will enjoy, like, comment on, and make you look like an expert.  You occasionally want something to make them chuckle, make them smile, and make them think.

You don’t want the same types of posts all the time.  You need variety in subject and variety in types of posts.

Types of Posts

Quotes – Everyone loves quotes and if you can put them on a picture they are even  more attention grabbing.

Pictures – A text status update is easy to ignore and just glide by.  A picture is a lot more inviting.  The viewer stops and looks.  What kind of pictures should you post?

  1. We mentioned the quotes above
  2. Pictures of clients
  3. Pictures of what you are working on
  4. Pictures of events
  5. Jokes – if tasteful
  6. Statistics
  7. Nature scenes
  8. Animals
  9. Items of interest to your niche
  10. Before and after type photos
  11. Throwback type photos
  12. Photos of books you are reading
  13. Photos of your staff or team (if you have them)
  14. Photos of your products in use
  15. Infographics
  16. Recipes


Video – Video even attracts more attention than photos.   You can post much of the same on video that you post in pictures.  Keep the video’s short. Other items you can also create video about:

  1. Testimonials
  2. Client Success Stories
  3. Step by step instructions
  4. How – To do anything
  5. Products in use
  6. Virtual tour ( show them your office, your plant, your manufacturing warehouse, your gardent, your house, etc.)

Tips – If you can share helpful tips, people will begin to think of you as an expert.   As the go-to person in your field.


Text – A regular status update.  A few words or a sentiment.  Words of appreciation are always a nice touch.


Other people’s posts – Yes it is OK to share other people’s things.  Especially if it is a great tip, recipe, or idea.  You can even share the competition’s stuff if you wish.  It just makes you look smart that you know where to find all these great posts.  But don’t make every post someone else’s info.  The majority should be original.


Sales  – Yes you can post about something you are selling once in a while.  For every 6 – 8 posts you make, you can sell something.   So if you are posting once per day, then once week you can sell something.    If you post 8 times per day, then once a day you can make a sales offer.    Facebook is not about selling.  It is about building relationships.


Thank you’s – Facebook is a great place to thank someone for something they have done, a gift, etc.   It not only   makes you look appreciative (Which you are!) but it draws attention to the person who did something nice.   That in turn makes both of you very happy.


The important thing to remember is your page should not just represent your business or you, but the interests of your followers.   You need to have variety in your posts and consistency.  Don’t post 20 items within 5 minutes and then wait a week to post a few more.   Space your posts out and be consistent.  Provide value in what you post and you will build relationships.


Tell me what I forgot.  What type of post do you like to see?




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