15 Ways to Celebrate Client Day

By Sandy Lawrence on March 18, 2017 in Business, Success

Tomorrow, Sunday, March 19th is Client Day.  People around the world will be celebrating their clients.

The day was created as a reminder for business owners to appreciate and celebrate their clients and customers.

Client Day


I’m very blessed to have such great clients.  Each of them brings a smile and give me many reasons to be thankful.  Over the next few months, I will be showcasing each of my clients with a special post about them.

But what about you?  Are you planning to celebrate your clients on Client Day?   Do you need some ideas of how you could celebrate your clients?

15 Ideas

Here are 21 ideas to help you celebrate your clients.Write a note

1. Write a Note

A personalized hand-written note is always appreciated.  Most people just send an email and it isn’t the same.  Taking the time to write a note will make you remembered.

2. Teach Them Something New

Is there something your customers would love to learn.  Perhaps you own a landscaping business, teaching your customers how to build a pond, or plant and care for certain flowers, or any other thing you think customers would want to learn.  This gives you positive PR and your customers think you are wonderful.  Perhaps you won a sewing business and you could teach them how to sew a tote or something simple.  If you are in graphic design, teach a free online class on how to resize graphics or how to add overlays.   Be creative!

3. Give a Great Book

If there is a book you have read nd think a customer would love, purchase a copy for them.  Maybe you found a life changing book and you want to give all customers the same book.    Perhaps YOU have written a book and can gift it to all your clients.

4. Showcase a Customer

If you have one or several customers that have a great story, or have had huge success with your product, they would be great to showcase.  You can showcase with a press release, or writing a blog post about them.  Another option would be to put photos of them on your bulletin board for the world to see.

5. Gift Cards (Think Starbucks)

Everyone loves receiving a gift card to a place they normally shop or for an unexpected treat!  It could even be a giftcard to your own place of business.

6. Send a Treat

Sweets or other treats are always welcome.   Make sure it is wonderful and not a treat that tastes like cardboard.  The closer you can get to homemade the better.

7. Charitable Gift

Does your client support a particular charity or maybe a family member has a disease that research could be supported.   Making a charitable gift in his/her name is always appreciated.

8. Have a Party or Open House

Everyone loves a party!   Hold an open house or some type of event to celebrate all your customers.  Decorate with balloons, etc. and serve refreshments.

9. Distribute Freebies

Put your logo on items and distribute the freebies to customers.   This makes sure customers think of you every time they use whatever you have given them.  Pens, keychains, blankets, sewing kits, umbrellas, etc.

10. Send Cards

Just like a handwritten note, a card sent through the postal service is a treat these days since most have gone way of email.

11. Office Supplies

Similar to the freebies item above, you can have your logo on the office supplies you hand out.

12. Photo Booth

A photo booth is a fun item to have if you are having an open house or any type of event.  you have the booth and various props and people can pose in the booth for photos.   The great thing about this is the people can have a copy of the photo to remember your great event, the photo can be placed on a bulletin board in your store to show off the event and your customers, plus the photo can be used on social media and other PR purposes.

13. Coupons

A coupon for a free item if they purchase something else, or a discount off of a purchase is always welcome.   It is win/win since you usually get a sale and they save money.

14. Make it personal

If you know your customers and can make the gift personal to what they need.   If you are a hairdresser you might know that Sue likes a certain shade of nail polish, Darla likes shampoo to tame the frizzies, and Cynthia likes a certain type of hair spray.  You can provide samples  or travel size products to them.

15. Feature Customers on Social Media

Similar to showcasing your customer above, but this is on social media.  Just a paragraph about the customer and a picture.  Not only will your other customers see it, but the person will usually share it with their audience.  This, in turn gets your name in front of more people.

As a business owner, you know your clients can make or break you.  They are the reason you are in business.  Remember to thank them on “Client Day” and give great customer service on a daily basis and you will have great clients to celebrate.

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