11 Rules for Writing Book Reviews

By Sandy Lawrence on May 17, 2017 in Books

Have you ever been asked to review a book?    To read it and write a review?  Or maybe write a blog post about a book?  Are you unsure where to start or what to write about?

Whether writing a review on Amazon or in a blog post, writing a book review isn’t difficult.  People often confuse this with writing a summary of a book. This is the first and the most common mistake you should avoid. A summary is not an objective critique or review.  Writing a book review requires attention and patience, for you will need to read a book first and then make some serious points on what you think about it.   You just need to follow a few steps to make sure you are giving people the information they need.

Writing Book Reviews

Writing Book Review Rules

Here are a few rules to follow to provide a great review:

  1.  Read the book.
  2. As you are writing the review, imagine you are telling a friend why they should or shouldn’t read it.
  3. The title of the book and the author’s name should be mentioned in the first paragraph.
  4. Use a separate paragraph for each point you want to make to emphasize the ideas stated.
  5. Reveal the book’s theme in the beginning of your review.
  6. Write about what you liked or disliked.   Did you enjoy the writing style?  Was it an easy or hard read?   Did the book hold your attention?   Was it easy to follow? Did the characters seem real?
  7. Use quotes for the book to support your points. (Not required, but very helpful for the reader.)
  8. A book review should contain your personal opinions of the book.  How you feel about the book should be evident.
  9. If the book helped you do or overcome something, please share.
  10. Your review should persuade the reader to either read the book or avoid reading it.
  11. I find it helpful to have someone else read the review and then tell me whether I persuaded them one way or another.   If they say they have no clue, then back to the drawing board to improve.

So there you have it.  Rules for an exceptional book review. Whether you loved the book or hated it, these rules should be followed.

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