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 “What’s Holding you Back from Becoming a Bestselling Author? (or reaching your dreams)” 

Here is the video replay of the webinar from Thursday night, February 1.

Listen to find out what is REALLY keeping you from reaching your dreams of being on the NY Times Bestseller List!

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“How to Create a Bestselling book”

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Everything You Need to Know to Create A Bestselling Book

  • Who is a bestseller? What can I learn from them? What is their story? 

  • What does it mean…bestseller? When do I start “creating” a bestseller? 

  •  What is a platform? How do I build a platform? Where do I start? 

  •  Why a community for authors? Is that necessary? 

  •  What is the truth about bestseller lists? How important is it to be on a bestseller list like the NY Times, Washington Post, or any of the others?

FREE Marketing Course

“How to Use Social Media to Get Publicity”

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My goal for 2018 is to share my knowledge, experience with others through online and live training. If you are a new author or you have been writing and publishing books for many years, or you are a business owner/entrepreneur, these courses will show you have to reach your audience, sell products and build your platform

Hurry though! I will not have these marketing courses FREE forever. I have some other new stuff for you – coming soon!

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Hosts – Russell Little, Aimee Ravichandran and Yours Truly!

Special Guest – Sue Hawley

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