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What Perceptive PR is All About

Perceptive Public Relations is dedicated to creating results for our clients!

We help them Break Through…Get Noticed…Be Known. Whether an author looking for book and brand awareness through innovative campaigns, or a business owner is looking for help in launching a new product or service, we help generate awareness and get visibility.

We create customized Social PR campaigns for authors, speakers, coaches and business owners, as well as other campaigns and plans of action for our clients. We help them understand their publicity goals and then to each them.

Perceptive Public Relations partners and supports various nonprofits and charities and by working with us you are also giving back to the world. Our goal is to provide PR scholarships to qualifying nonprofits.

What makes us different is that all of us here thrive on changing the world for the better and have a passion for propelling our clients and their products to reach their highest potential. Not only do we do well for our clients but we “do good” for the world at the same time.


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